Lessons - Terms & Conditions


It is recognised that there will be a need to manage the behaviour of archers at the club on occasion. The Behaviour Management Plan will be implemented when an archer exhibits inappropriate behaviour as per the steps below:

Step 1: The archer is given an initial verbal warning.

Step 2: The archer is given a second verbal warning.

Step 3: The archer is removed from class and asked to sit aside and at a convenient time in the instruction of the rest class will be reminded that the behaviours expected of them is to be: safe, polite, not to distract other archers and to focus on their own performance.

Step 4: Parents are contacted and asked to come and collect their child.

Step 5: Follow up with the parents if they are called to collect their child. This may result in a warning, a suspension from classes or if the behaviour is extremely severe the child may be asked to leave the club.


1. By registering yourself or your child/ren for lessons you acknowledge acceptance of these terms and conditions

2.Ambrose Archery reserves the right to refuse or terminate enrollment to any participant who poses a disciplinary problem or disrupts the learning or experience for other participants.

3. If you cannot be contacted in the case of illness or accident, you authorise us to seek any medical, hospital or ambulance services as we see fit and you agree to meet all expenses involved.

4. You acknowledge that Ambrose Archery retains enrollment information on a confidential database. You authorise Ambrose Archery to use this information to send you marketing information from time to time.

5. You acknowledge that although archery is one of the safest sports it does carry inherent risks. Ambrose Archery shall not be liable for any personal injury, damage to property, loss or liability suffered by any participant or any participant’s parent or guardian arising from or in relation to the enrollment or participation in any Ambrose Archery lesson due to any cause whatsoever unless caused by the proven negligence or willful misconduct of Ambrose Archery.

6. You are entitled to make-up missed lessons by attending one of the other sessions during the week. Make-up lessons must be taken before the end of the current term.

7. Security and Privacy Statement: Information collected by Ambrose Archery is personal information, as defined by the Privacy Act 1998. This data includes your first name, last name, email address, telephone number and postal address. How the information is used: Ambrose Archery uses your personal information so you can identify yourself when making an online booking or registration, to contact you about a booking, and to keep you informed (if you request it) of matters that may be of interest to you. Your personal information is not used for commercial purposes and is not distributed to any other organisation for any purpose.

8. You agree to Ambrose Archery using photographs of you/your child for marketing and publicity purposes unless you explicitly request otherwise.

9. Ambrose Archery may amend these terms and conditions at any time in its discretion. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on the website.