The Rules

Archery is a sport and like any sport or game it needs some rules so that everybody gets to compete on a level field.

3 meter rule

Three meters in front of where the shooters stand is a line. This line divides the arrows that are considered to have been shot and those that are the result of mis-fire or accident. 

The Match round

First appearing at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 the Match round was seen as a way to make Archery more entertaining to watch. Up until then the double FITA was used which involved shooting two days of 144 arrows each. It is Archery's version of test cricket. 

Indoor Rounds

There are three types of rounds (games) of Archery: 18m, 25m and Match-play from World Archery with variations when playing by Archery Australia rules.

World Archery

World Archery is the governing body for the sport of Archery that is recognised by the Olympic Games Committee and represents the largest and most common form of the sport around the world.

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