How to find your draw length

What is my draw length?

Firstly let me state that there are problems with all the methods that I explain to you and I will tell you why.

Let start with the absolute easiest way. Your height devided by 2.5 plus one and 3/4 inches.

I'm 171cm tall

171 cm =   68.4 cm + 4.375 cm (one and 3/4 inches) = 73 cm or 29 inches

A better way is to measure your wingspan which is the distance from fingertips when your arms are outstretched. Then take this number and divide by 2.5 and add one and 3/4 inches.

Which for me is exactly the same as height and wingspan tend to be the same.

So again it would be:

171 cm =   68.4 cm + 4.375 cm (one and 3/4 inches) = 73 cm or 29 inches

This way is going to be more accurate as it does take account of people who might have either long or short arms for their size. But it is only going to be more accurate it the wingspan is measured accurately. The arms need to be brought up parallel to the ground without raising the shoulders and without tension.

There is also the tried and true method of being measured with a light poundage bow as you draw back an arrow with the measurements marked on it. The only problem with method is that it assumes that you have correct technique which if you are reading this then you are probably just starting out. If you do have correct technique then you mostly likely have been shooting for awhile and already know your draw-length.

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