There are always something going on at the Ambrose Archery centre.

Closed over Christmas

The Ambrose Archery Centre will be closed from:

Thursday the 22nd of December


Sunday the 1st of January.


Brady Ellison has beaten a 15 year indoor record

Brady Ellison has just broken the previous indoor record scoring 598 out of a possible 600. This beats Michele Frangilli's 15 year record.

Two nines with the rest Tens. Ridiculous.

Heidelberg Archers Competition Calender

Yearly championship – points accumulated over the year December to the end of November with the top 24 scores going to their overall score.

Archer's Dilemma

Most of us have heard of the Archer's Paradox and some have even understood it but there is a more important problem that most of us have had to battle with.

Myself I struggle with this problem on a daily basis. ARCHER'S DILEMMA

How does Ambrose Archery manage to maintain it's zero accident rate?

This video from the highly reliable ONION focusing on the problem; how do archers resist the urge to shoot the people around them.

New club Polos on the way.

At the moment we are organising our club tops and taking orders.

So it you want to get involved in some club archery please don’t be shy and to help you blend in buy at top.


Current booking as of 28-November-16

New member

An exciting new addition to the centre:

Matt. He will be the friendly face of Ambrose Archery on Saturday afternoons.
Matt has been with Ambrose Archery from the very beginning when I was taking lessons on the fields of Yarra Bowmen and continuing to the centre even before it was open.

I know you will find him helpful and enthusiastic. He likes Archery and romantic walks along the beach

Heidelberg Archers

Club shoots are happening on Monday’s at 7:30 and go until 9’ish.

If you have an interest in archery then come along and we will help you get started.

As a new club we have been getting a small committed turn out of 5 or 6 archers. Due to the small numbers it is all in; recurves, longbows and compounds.

When I was shooting at Horsham the shoots there were similarly small and I remember it being friendly and enjoyable. Later the club grew the club didn’t become less friendly or enjoyable but I looked back fondly of the small times. So get in early you will enjoy.

Kind Regards


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