There are always something going on at the Ambrose Archery centre.

14th march

The centre will be booked out from 8pm

11th March 2017

The centre will be heavily booked from 3:30 Saturday 11th March

7th March 2017

The centre will be heavily booked from 7pm until close today.

A recurve archer's paradise

Sunday 18th of December, 10am till 12pm

The Heidelberg Archers shoots are continuing to grow with our best turn out to date with 9 on the line.

Monday shoot 12-12-16

A day of excellent shooting from many of the archers lined up (I was so-so).

Inaugural Sunday morning shoot

The inaugural Sunday indoor archery shoot at Ambrose Archery

The 11th of December saw the inaugural shoot starting from 10am till 12pm on Sundays.

Club tops have arrived

The shirts have come in so if you have put in an order then come and get them.

End of Term Archery Competition for After School Program and Lessons

Yesterday the Ambrose Archery Centre put on a competition for the archers taking part in the After School Program and Lessons. This was the first time I have done this and is planned to happen at the end of each term.

The idea was to give a feel for the sport of Archery. So as in standard indoor archery 60 arrows were shot; 30 arrows, break (cake and drinks), 30 arrows.

Club shoot - Monday 6th December

Monday saw the beginning of the Heidelberg Archers Shooting year; starting in Summer.
We had five member attending with 3 shooting, I (Glenn) had a lot of beginners at the centre so my attention was elsewhere and David who had done his shoulder in has to wait 2 weeks before shooting again.
This leaves Cory (compound), Richard (recurve) and Victor (recurve)to battle it out.

ROUND - World Archery 18m

Closed early Tuesday 6th

Need to close early, Tuesday 6th. Sorry if you planned on coming in.

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