There are always something going on at the Ambrose Archery centre.


Current booking as of 28-November-16

New member

An exciting new addition to the centre:

Matt. He will be the friendly face of Ambrose Archery on Saturday afternoons.
Matt has been with Ambrose Archery from the very beginning when I was taking lessons on the fields of Yarra Bowmen and continuing to the centre even before it was open.

I know you will find him helpful and enthusiastic. He likes Archery and romantic walks along the beach

Heidelberg Archers

Club shoots are happening on Monday’s at 7:30 and go until 9’ish.

If you have an interest in archery then come along and we will help you get started.

As a new club we have been getting a small committed turn out of 5 or 6 archers. Due to the small numbers it is all in; recurves, longbows and compounds.

When I was shooting at Horsham the shoots there were similarly small and I remember it being friendly and enjoyable. Later the club grew the club didn’t become less friendly or enjoyable but I looked back fondly of the small times. So get in early you will enjoy.

Kind Regards


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