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03 - bow safety

You might be tempted to warm up before a shoot by pull back the string on the bow and releasing without an arrow. This is one of the big no no's in Archery.


Unless the hand holding the string, string-hand comes back to the same place on the face each time the arrows wont fly to the same place. So we need a place on the face that we can use as a reference point. The corner of the mouth is an excellent place to begin because it is distinctive enough to feel for and it lies directly below the eye.


This week Heidelberg Archers have been shooting a standard WA/18 round. Basically not one of our strange home grown varieties.


To be able to shoot well the archer needs to be able repeat exactly the same shot again and again. Everything mentioned in these posts are about being able to repeat a shot exactly. Any variation in how the shot is performed will affect where the arrow goes.

The first thing to get right is how we stand or stance. We want to be balanced while staying out of the path of the bow's string.

Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas everybody.

The centre will be closed from the 16th of December and open again on the 2nd of January.

Bookings 20th Nov to 11th Dec

Bookings for the following dates


2017 Heidelberg Archers Club champions

The centre will be booked out between 10am until 1pm.


Completely booked out between 11am and 1pm.

Friday the 13th now open

The centre will now be open on Friday the 13th of October

Closed for Friday the 13th, October

The centre will be closed on Friday the 13th.

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