There are always something going on at the Ambrose Archery centre.

21st February

Week 3 of 43

14th February

Week two

7th February

First week of 2022

Help Wanted

We're hiring.

Fun job for a person who is good with people, big and small.

The $2.50 butt

This is a quick, easy and effective butt that costs $2.50 and a little more if you have to buy some craft glue.

Made from a $2.50 bag that can bought at the reject shop and other shops like it, some cardboard to keep the surfaces flat and waste plastic that does the work of stopping the arrows.

The new 120 arrow round.

Heidelberg Archers have been trying out a new round today. A round suitable for the average archer.

Spring Shoot 2018

Heidelberg Archers spring shoot, for double points produced a great turn out with 10 archers scoring followed by a lunch at the Austrian Club afterwards.

Field Archery (venue)

To see that a course is safe is the most important purpose of any inspection. Any accident caused by a lack of basic safety precautions cannot be tolerated and all potential hazards are to be rectified prior to the tournament. For this reason, it is important that all Judges participate in the inspection as a group. We have the following recommendations for safety inspections:


Freestyle recurve or commonly known as Olympic style as it is the only archery style present at the Olympics.


The Barebow bow

There are three main divisions of Archery: Barebow, Freestyle recurve and Compound. Following Australian rules there is also Longbow.

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