The $2.50 butt

If you are after a target butt that you can throw in the car or put in the shed for some extra practice than this is a quick and easy way to make a highly effective butt.

Quick definitions: targets are what you shoot at and butts are things you put the targets on to stop the arrow.

Materials: Cardboard box(es), glue, bag, tape measure & Stanley knife.

1. Measure out the dimensions of your bag which in my case was 62cm x 52cm x 25cm and cut from old cardboard boxes panels to be a little smaller than those dimensions: Front, back, sides, bottom and top.

I chose to use two layers of cardboard glued together with the corrugations at 90 degrees of each other to provide greater strength. The cardboard panels will stop the bag from pillowing out so keeping the surfaces nice and flat.

When you have finished you should have six cardboard panels and the bag.

Line the sides of the bag with five of the six panels leaving the top panel for the very end once all the plastic has been added.

Jam as much waste plastic in as you can.

Once you have as much as you can put in insert the top panel. I have to cut 5cm off the length of mine to get all through the zipper. Now you are ready to shoot.

Shot with a 50lb compound from 5 metres away.

As you can see there is no pass through and the arrows are extremely easy to pull out. When the arrow hits the target the plastic gets compressed as the arrow pushes it way through but when the arrow is brought to a stop the plastic decompresses which makes arrow removal very easy.

There is a down side and that is some of plastic can be left as a residue on the arrow which can be scrapped off with a finger nail or rubbed off. Hard to go pass for $2.50.

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