Indoor Rounds

The rounds of Indoor

World Archery Rounds

The 18m Round consists of 60 arrows on the 40cm target face or the 40cm triple face.

The 25m Round consists of 60 arrows on the 60cm target face or the 60cm triple face.

The Combined Round consists of the above two rounds shot in succession over one or two days with either round shot first.

Archers will shoot 3 arrows at a time, called ends. So a full round will be made up of 20 ends and this is broken up into two 10 end halves. Between there is short break and generally tea, coffee, biscuits and if you are lucky, cake.

On a target there are five colours: white, black, blue, red and gold. Each colour is divided into two and starting from the outside ring the values are 1 through to 10. The gold is divided into three.

World Archery treats Compound and Recurve bows differently. For compounds the smallest circle is worth 10 and the outer two gold rings are worth 9. Recurves get a bigger 10 scoring area with the inner two being worth 10.

Archery Australia Rounds

Australian rounds treat both compound and recurves the same with both inner rings being worth 10 but the central circle call X and it is marked of the score sheet as an X. If there is a tie between archers then the X's get counted up and the Archer with the most X's wins.

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