Term 1 After School Competition

The Ambrose Archery Centre once again put on an end of term competition for the participants of the After School Program.

Shooting 60 arrows for the day, two halves of 30 with a break and cake in the middle. The course that we do has ten levels that the archers progress through with each level the target moves further away. This created a handicap system that kept everyones scores reasonably close together which came out beautifully when archers with the closest and the second most distant target took out medals.

Archery is a sport and the end of term competitions is a chance for the Archers to put their skills to the test in a relaxed environment. Everyone including the parents enjoyed a day of Archery.

New enrollments are being taken at the moment on the website: https://ambrosearchery.com.au/archery-range/lessons 

So get in early to get the day and time that you want.

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