14 - Stringing the bow

The best way to string your bow is with the use of a bow stringer. They are fairly cheap and well worth it as they will protect your far more expensive bow from damage as incorrect stringing of the bow can crack the limbs.

Two types of bow-stringers: 
The tip-to-tip which has two cups, one larger that goes on the bottom and covers the string in the groove and the smaller top cup which leaves the string groove exposed so that you can string and unstring the bow. 

The other is a tip-and-saddle which has the same large cup but has a wide flat section that sits about a 1/3 down the length of the limb. These are useful for limbs that have a very small limb tip.

When using a bow-stringer have both the string and the stringer on the same side of the bow.
Place the stringer beneath the ball of your foot and grab the grip of the bow with your dominant hand.
Pull the bow up so that the limbs are bent and slide the loop of the bow string into the top limbs groove.

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