12 - Drawing

The Archer needs to be careful not to relax when aiming but to continue pushing and pulling even if so slowly and with little movement that someone watching wouldn't realise that you are still pushing and pulling. As soon as you relax, the bow will want to pull your hands back together sending the arrows low. Also when you relax your bow hand starts to drift around the target sending the arrows in all sorts of direction.
When drawing the bow back the arrow should stay parallel to the ground. By lifting the bow up to eye level and reaching out towards the target the shoulder is kept low with the bow arm staying in it's shoulder socket. 

A high draw is when the bow hand is raised above the string hand so that the arrow is pointing towards the sky. This is a big no-no because of the danger it presents if the string should happen to be accidental released. Not popular here at the centre as I want to keep the lights and roof intact.

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