10 - Mirror Practice

Mirror Practice

A long mirror that takes in most of the body down to at least the hips and either a stretch-band or any other stretchy material is all you need for this. I do find the stretch-bands the most comfortable and are easily available.

Stand side on to the mirror. Make sure that only your front shoulder is visible. If you can see the other shoulder than you are twisting your torso.

Pass the stretch-band over the thumb muscle, where you should be placing the grip of your bow, and under your hand as this prevents the band from slapping into your hand.

Keep your hand open as if to say stop. We are trying to simulate the normal shooting experience and we don't wont to close our hand into a grip or that will introduce twisting in the bow.

Find a reference point on the mirror, I have chosen to place the thumb of my bow-hand on my chin (in the reflection). When I release the stretch-band I am trying to keep my bow-hand as still as possible and not move my thumb off my chin.

On release keep that thumb on your reference point and the string-hand in contact with the face or neck.

After the shoot check that your stance has changed, the thumb is on the reference point and the string-hand is still on the face or neck.

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