09 The grip

The Grip

Gripping the bow as if to make a fist causes a few problems. First it brings the bow arm into the path of the string which can affect the path of the arrow and hurts. Second it causes 'torque' which is the twisting of the grip on release which makes the arrows land left and right of where the archer is aiming.

Holding the bow hand out as if to signal 'stop' is the position you want to hold the bow.

The bow should only touch the thumb muscle with no part of palm touching the grip of the bow.

To stop the bow from hitting the ground rest the first two fingers on the bow very lightly. You don't want to grip the bow or torque will be introduced.

It is important that the thumb be place directly down the middle of the grip. If the thumb is place to the left of the grip then the arrows will be pushed to the right of the target and the reverse is true. Also you want to have the radius bone, the one behind thumb running up the forearm, behind the grip. This will transfer the forces along the arm and into the shoulder as we want the skeleton to do as much of the work as possible. You should be able see an indent where the thumb meets the forearm. This you want to line up with the centre of the grip.

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