Recurve (Freestyle)

World Archery Rules

11.1. For the Recurve Division, the following items are permitted:

  • 11.1.1. A bow of any type provided it complies with the common meaning of the word "bow" as used in target archery, that is, an instrument consisting of a handle (grip), riser (no shoot-through type) and two flexible limbs each ending in a tip with a string nock. The bow is braced for use by a single string attached directly between the two string nocks, and in operation is held in one hand by its handle (grip) while the fingers of the other hand draw and release the string.
  • Multi-coloured bow risers and trademarks located on the inside of the upper and lower limb or on the riser are permitted.
  • Risers including a brace are permitted provided the brace does not consistently touch the athlete’s hand or wrist.
  • 11.1.2. A bowstring of any number of strands.
  • Which may be of different colours and of the material chosen for the purpose. It may have a centre serving to accommodate the drawing fingers, a nocking point to which may be added serving(s) to fit the arrow nock as necessary, and, to locate this point, one or two nock locators may be positioned. At each end of the bowstring there is a loop which is placed in the string nocks of the bow when braced. In addition one attachment is permitted on the string to serve as a lip or nose mark. The serving on the string shall not end within the athlete’s vision at full draw. The bowstring shall not in any way assist aiming through the use of a peephole, marking, or any other means.
  • 11.1.3. An arrow rest, which can be adjustable.
  • Any moveable pressure button, pressure point or arrow plate may be used on the bow provided they are not electric or electronic and do not offer any additional aid in aiming. The pressure point may not be placed any further back than 4cm (inside) from the throat of the handle (pivot point) of the bow.
  • 11.1.4. One draw check indicator, audible, tactile or visual may be used provided it is not electric or electronic.
  • 11.1.5. A bow sight is permitted, but at no time may more than one such device be used.
  • It shall not incorporate a prism, lens, or any other magnifying device, levelling, electric or electronic devices nor shall it provide for more than one sighting point.
  • The overall length of the sighting circle or point (tunnel, tube, sighting pin or other corresponding extended component) shall not exceed 2cm in the line of vision of the athlete.
  • A sight may be attached to the bow for the purpose of aiming and which may allow for windage adjustment as well as an elevation setting. It is subject to the following provisions:
  • A bow sight extension is permitted;
  • A plate or tape with distance marking may be mounted on the sight as a guide for marking, but shall not in any way offer any additional aid;
  • The sight point may be a fibre optic sight pin. The total length of the fibre optic pin may exceed 2cm, provided that one end is attached outside the athlete’s line of vision at full draw, while the part within the athlete’s line of vision does not exceed 2cm in a straight line before bending. It can only provide one illuminated aiming spot at full draw. The fibre optic pin is measured independently of the tunnel.
  • 11.1.6. Stabilisers and torque flight compensators on the bow are permitted.
  • They may not:
  • Serve as a string guide;
  • Touch anything but the bow;
  • Represent any danger or obstruction to other athletes.

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