06 - String-walking


String-walking is where the archer keeps the point of the arrow on the gold and makes adjustments to the height of the arrow by moving their fingers up or down the string.

Fingers are place below the arrow. We control the height of where the arrow hits the target by moving our fingers either up the string to make the arrow land higher or down the string if we want the arrows to land lower.

Since it is import that your fingers are placed at the same distance each time here I am marking the width of three fingers since I know that three fingers below is good for short distances.

Three arrows have hit the target at 12m. The top arrow was one finger below. The middle arrow was 2 fingers below and the bottom arrow was 3 fingers below.

Barebow tabs have a row of stitching which can be used to mark the distance.

The thumb is placed at the stitch that we know works at the distance we are going to shoot.

Then we move our tab down to where the thumb is.

Barebow competition

A lot of archers prefer the simplicity of having just a bow and arrow without gadgets though you can see that the bows aren't basic. Also note that the anchor is very import for string-walking to work because if the anchor changes then so does where the arrows land. From lesson 2; tip of the finger, corner of the mouth.

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