05 - Nocking the arrow

Grabbing the arrow from the nock (back of the arrow) keeps your hands away from the fletching (collective term for feathers or if made of plastic, vanes). Fletching can be damaged if grabbed, affecting the flight of the arrow or worst it's appearance.

With your hand behind the string place the arrow on the rest (where the arrow sits on the handle).

Shows one of the reasons we bother with these details. If you stick with the Olympic style (freestyle) of recurve then eventually you will start using a clicker. The clicker is a metal strip that when the arrow is pulled back past it goes click as it hits the riser (handle). This lets helps the archer accurately know when he has pulled the arrow back far enough. So holding the arrow from the back makes it easier to feed the arrow through the clicker.

Press the arrow against the string.

Let the fingers move in front of the string, grab the arrows' nock and pull back onto the string.


Once done a few times it will be by far the easiest way to nock an arrow.

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