Archery Range

Archery Range

An indoor archery centre in Melbourne's inner north.

25 Orr St, Heidelberg Heights, Melbourne. Ph No: (03) 9457 6024

The hours are:
  • Weekdays 1pm till 9pm (Closed Wednesdays)
  • Weekends 10am till 5pm

The costs:

  • Casual - $20 for the first hour and $10 for each additional hour
  • Flat rate membership - $100 year + $10 per hour
  • Full membership - $500 unlimited use

Don't worry if you have never done archery before, we will get you going and will be always there to help. It's no problem at all if you don't have any equipment because we do and you are free to borrow it.

There is no need to book but check out our Facebook page to see if there are any group bookings when you intend to come in.

12 lane indoor range

How much does it cost

Shoot on a casual basis for $20 for the first hour plus $10 for each additional hour.

Or for the more committed there are two types of memberships.

The Centre is offering two types of membership:

  1. Flat rate membership. $100 yearly and $10 per hour. This is more economical then the standard $20 + $10 if you see yourself attending 10 or more times.
  2. Full membership. $500 yearly and unlimited access (during opening hours off course). More economical than the flat-rate for someone attending more than 40 times. Which is a little less than once a week.

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